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Five Reasons To Meet Your Vendors Before Hiring Them

It may be tempting to do your research and book wedding vendors online. You may feel like it’s easier and faster. However, it’s pivotal to meet with a few of your wedding vendor in person before making a final decision. Here are five of the benefits of a consultation.

Building Trust

Trust in your wedding vendors is very important. You want to have confidence that your wedding vendor will be able to bring your vision to life and fix issues when they arise. Unfortunately, it’s hard to develop a relationship built on trust from reading online reviews alone, besides, there are so many scam artists online who can easily disappear with your deposit!

Meeting them in person allows you to talk through their experiences and get a vibe from them and their business. You want to have a feeling of comfort and connection with the people who are planning one of the biggest days of your life, and this can only truly happen by meeting with your wedding vendors face to face.


Idea Generation

Talking in person about what you envision for your big day can be extremely beneficial. Showing them pictures of what you want and explaining your vision will be much more successful face to face. The wedding vendor you’re meeting with can show you examples of their work and explain their thought process from beginning to end. Together you can collaborate on a truly unique event keeping your budget in check.

You can really get a feel for the vendor’s aesthetic and work ethic when you sit down with them. Show them pictures of ideas you like and ask them to show you images of past events they’ve worked on. Creating a makeshift mood board together will help get you both on the same page.


Business Talk

Contracts can be confusing and complicated to read. Meet with your potential wedding vendor and go through the contract point by point. Clarify any confusion as you go through so you fully understand what you’re getting from your wedding vendor. You should still take some time after the initial meeting to read through all the points on your own — but this gives you the opportunity to make sure you have the same understanding. Contracts benefit BOTH parties; Yes, a signed contract will make sure the vendor gets paid for their work but a legal contract will ensure the CLIENT gets all they’ve been promised as well.


Special Rates and Show Specials

At Wedding Expos, Vendor Showcases, and Venue Open Houses vendors will often offer show specials. See beyond the freebies and prize wheels and take advantage of the deals when you meet vendors at these shows. These are available for a limited time, if your budget is tight or the show special is something you really want for your wedding day, book it before the deadline.

Get to Know Them

Finally, your wedding vendors will be with you throughout the course of your planning and on the big day. The more time you spend getting to know them, the more confident you will be in their professionalism (because you don’t want them rocking up in cargo shorts and Birkenstocks to your black tie wedding). Decide if they are a “fit” for you with an in-person meeting.


While you don’t have to meet with every one of your vendors, you should take the time to meet personally with a few. Any slip-ups from you planner/coordinator, photographer, DJ and caterer on your big day will be more noticeable. Experienced vendors will make it right and you’ll be glad you made that extra effort to meet one-on-one.