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Oregon Elopements Can Be Lavishly Simple

Sometimes, less is more — which is maybe why micro-weddings are having a bit of a moment. As a Vancouver, Washington wedding planner, I’m seeing couples forgo the traditional big day for a little smaller, but every bit as special, celebration.

Small weddings have many advantages; you can make them just as unique, glamorous, and exciting as any wedding, with just as much of your personality shining through. But with fewer guests and elements to worry about, you can often put a lot more time and money into the details that really matter to you or, possibly, splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon!

Like the idea of a tiny wedding — or even a micro-wedding? Here’s what you need to know.



Fill Your Day With Beautiful Details

If you like the idea of a micro-wedding, it’s important to remember that you can still go all-out. Want to make sure it’s a lavish day you never forget? I’ve seen couples go full glam with a stylist and makeup artist, along with a professional photographer, great flowers and your dream dress. Or perhaps you’re all about the vibe? You can hire a special officiant to perform memorable ceremonies or hire a private chef to prepare a gourmet meal onsite.

With proper wedding planning, you can have tiny weddings with themes, color schemes, decorations, and every detail you’re dreaming of. You don’t have to limit yourself!



They’re Budget-friendly

Truth talk: weddings are expensive. And some couples, between a mortgage or student loans or trying to save, just don’t have that much to spare. That’s OK! Great wedding planning is all about maximizing your budget and, even more importantly, making it a special day with the people you care about most. With fewer people to included, your budget goes so much further. Your day will feel truly special, without going into the red.



More Options for Amazing Settings

If you go for a tiny wedding or a micro-wedding, you really open up your venue options — especially with all the amazing locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you want to stay right here and have your wedding in Vancouver, WA, there are many downtown Vancouver locations to choose from including a brand new Waterfront on the Columbia River. You can find unique settings for a wedding all over Portland, OR — or go a little more adventurous and choose one of the many waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge or scenic views all along the Oregon coast from Cannon Beach to Coos Bay.

Around Vancouver, WA, I’ve seen many couples go for tiny weddings in spectacular locations. Sometimes these areas require a bit of a hike so you’re limited to inviting those who you are certain can make the trek. You’ve got a lot of flexibility and seemingly endless backdrops.



Remove Extra Stress — Invite the People You Care About Most

I love my job as a Vancouver wedding planner and coordinator. My role is to make the couple’s life as easy as possible. Planning tiny wedding or micro-weddings, can remove a lot of the stress, simply with fewer elements and fewer guests but including your family and closest friends.

Or, plan an elopement for just to two of you. I’ve been a witness to a couple who wanted the day to be just the two of them. They hired an amazing photographer who doubled as their other witness. Splurge on the dress or hire a private chef for a romantic dinner. What will make it special for you?



Either way, your plans will be less stressful than with a traditional, large ceremony and reception. The wedding day will be way easier allowing you to simply enjoy your celebration with your new spouse (and maybe a few of your closest friends and family… if you want them there, of course!)

Micro-weddings may be relatively new, but wedding planners know that micro-weddings and tiny weddings are here to stay. Not only are they way less stressful, they also open up a whole new world of possibilities!

If you’re interested, get in touch and let’s start planning your tiny wedding together!



Location: Neskowin, OR (private home, wildlife area, Neskowin State Beach, Pacific Ocean)

Planner: 1000 Stories Events, Vancouver, WA

Photography: Kilen Murphy Photography, Vancouver, WA

Hair and Makeup: Marina Haynes, Aloha, OR

Flowers: Bella Bloom Floral, Sherwood, OR

Dress: A & Be Bridal, Portland

Officiant: Carolyn Greenwood, Tillamook, OR

Chef: Jonathan Hoffman Chef’s Table, Cannon Beach, OR