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Graduation Celebration: A Worthy Party

GRADUATIONS are important milestones!

All graduations are worthy of a celebration especially high school diploma, college degree, masters and doctorate completion. Let’s get planning a graduation party!

Begin planning several months prior to graduation. First decide where you’ll have your party.

Where’s the party at?

As many venues will be booked for weddings in May and June a year in advance, you may not get your first choice unless you plan WAY ahead. And although graduation parties can be at your home, if you’re planning to invite over 25 guests, you’ll have to consider the practicality. Will everyone fit inside comfortably? You’ll want enough seating and several available restrooms.

If you want to hold the festivities outdoors, consider the weather and whether you’ll need party tents to keep your guests warm, cool, or dry!  Many rental companies that rent party tents can also supply your tables, chairs, dishes and flatware if not provided by the caterer.

You may consider having the party at a local park. Check to see if you can reserve a gazebo or other shelter. Go an check it out in person. How’s the parking? Where are the nearest bathrooms? Consider how busy the park may be during your party.

Depending on the size of the event, you may reserve a private room at a restaurant. The price will include food and beverage and staffing, plus you won’t have to do any of the clean up.  Each establishment will have different rules regarding bringing your own alcohol (including champagne) and cake. Many will charge a corkage fee and cake cutting fee; compare the fees to purchasing from them.

What makes a fun party?

Planning a memorable celebration can include themed decorations. Think about the school colors or mascot, a hobby or something else very special to the honoree. The theme can be carried throughout the invitations, decorations, food, deserts and entertainment.

Displaying framed photos of the honoree through the years is a wonderful way to relive the success of this child through this milestone graduation. A slideshow is another great option to show old family photos.

Photobooths, karaoke, and dancing are popular activities for a party but really think about the graduate of honor and what he or she would find most memorable and be entertaining for the family and friends in attendance.

Next decide when to celebrate

Invitations should be mailed out 3-4 weeks in advance giving guests a chance to make plans, including any needed travel arrangements for guests traveling from out of town.

Likely guests that are travelling will be coming for the commencement ceremony. Ideally your party should be the same day or the following day while guests are in town.

Graduation Photos

Graduations are also perfect milestones for professional photography. Parents usually want photos of the graduate in both cap and gown, but also consider and updated family portrait.  If they are graduating college and entering the workforce, this is a perfect opportunity to capture that first professional image. Seek out a professional photographer, like Ray Lundrigan, in your area to discuss their availability and pricing and see their portfolio of work.

Does this all sound too overwhelming? This is when a professional event planner can help you starting with the budget and sorting out all the details to making it the most memorable party you’ve thrown!

Do you know someone graduating from OSU, WSU, PSU, OHSU, Lewis and Clark, UP, Reed College, or Concordia University?

Contact me for a free consultation on assistance planning the ultimate celebration to honor your Grad!