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Why Choose 1000 Stories?

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You know how most stories end with “happily ever after”? For a lot of people, their wedding day commemorates the beginning of their happily ever after. And like any great story, your big day is going to lead to 1000 other stories. Or more. Who’s counting?

I invite you to tell me your story, and together we can write your new beginning. Enjoy the party as your vision comes to life while I expertly handle the logistics, overseeing the vendors, assisting your guests, and keeping the event running on time.

You have a budget. GREAT! Some people think that hiring a Professional Planner is a luxury, when, in actuality, a planner can save you time, the worry of making mistakes, and get you more value for your money!

Behind the Scenes with Melodi

that's me! your certified wedding and event planner

From the trenches of big-city traffic and the robotic grind of a
corporate J.O.B. to the open spaces of the Pacific Northwest,
I found entrepreneurial freedom in Vancouver, WA. My whole
story can be summed up in a single word: “-loving.” Fun-loving.
Dog-loving. Nature-loving. Vegetable-loving. Yoga-loving.
Wedding-loving. Photography-loving. Art-loving. Travel-loving.
Anything-loving! I love life and live each chapter to the fullest!
Let's not forget Orange-loving!
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Why Choose 1000 Stories?

You don’t have to like the color orange, but when you work with me you’ll soon associate it with your event and here’s why...


Orange, is sunny and cheerful! Client care and exceptional guest experiences are important to me.


Being an Event Planner is my full-time job. You friends are going to want to help you but you're going to need someone like me.


Nothing rhymes with orange; every wedding I plan is unique to you and your vision


Little Cuties, butternut squash, and cheddar cheese are my favorite and give me energy to work hard all day long!

Wedding & Event Services

We probably have plenty of time to plan your event (or maybe we don’t). And even with last minute planning, the sooner we begin — the sooner you can relax, collaborate and watch your story unfold.

Your big day will approach quickly – Let’s get to work!

Stories from Happy Clients


She is simply the BEST!

Without her, my planning would have been chaotic.

Kailey Collison

Melodi is amazing!

If you are on the edge about getting a wedding planner...DO IT!

Amy & Sol

1000 Stories deserves a 1000 ⭐️ review

Candice & Kevin

Melodi was STELLAR!!!

What else can I say? We hired her to be our day-of coordinator, but she went above and beyond by offering assistance with planning and logistics throughout the month leading up to the event.

Emily & Nauvin

Top notch and couldn’t of imagined another coordinator!

She took care of everything and made our day special.

Breanna & Jared

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