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Little Monster Baby Shower

I was asked to plan a baby shower for a couple who wanted their unisex party to be free of typical baby shower games, but to be entertaining for the 40 or so guests they would be inviting. The guests ranged from parents and conservative grandparents to hip friends in the entertainment industry. They are also annual pass holders at Disneyland and absolutely love Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. But this baby isn’t a “nightmare”, so our theme was identified as the Little Monster Baby Shower.


Rather than host this at a local restaurant or hall, we opted for asking a friend to open her beautiful craftsman home with a large backyard to this group. She agreed and we set to work on sending out invitations. Once we had the RSVPs we finalized the food needs with the caterer Loretta Vigil and the chair, table and linen rentals from Sir Michaels.

For this group of Vegas-loving gamblers we decided the activities would include a chance to win money in two games. The first bet was to guess the gender of the baby which the parents would reveal to the group at the end of the party. The second bet was to guess the date the baby would be born. The buy-in to each game was $20 and the winnings were split 50/50 between the winner and the parents $100 each.

Another non-traditional activity planned for this event was to have the guests pick a number and then create a Birthday Card for the child for that corresponding year. It was fun for the adults to make crafts and share some knowledge and advice for a teen and a young adult.


An adorable cake was ordered (Fondant to hold up on a hot So Cal afternoon). Zero cheerfully greet the Little Monster’s baby carriage on an asymmetrical multi-layered cake. Obviously, mother-to-be loved it!

Extended family photo soon to be joined by baby Dorian Lee Bell.