August 26, 2017

You're Going To Sit Through Amanda & Taylor's Wedding

Amanda and Taylor didn’t know if they really needed my assistance. They planned and executed many of the day’s special moments and details. I think they were a little were afraid if they gave up control that I might dominate the day – NEVER! I’m meant to be in the background, working closely with the vendors, assisting guests that appear to need information and keep the itinerary moving according to their plans.

It was Amanda’s mother, Pam, who hired me. She knew that Amanda would likely become overwhelmed and she wasn’t confident that she wouldn’t be too stressed herself. She also didn’t want the wedding party to have to “work” through the event. I love to work for moms! With my experience, I easily handle the pressure and ready to jump in to tackle emergencies head-on like when the rings didn’t make it to the best man after photographs or the bride’s bustle broke while dancing. I jumped into action and resolved the issues without the guests ever knowing there was a slight hiccup in the flow.

Amanda and Taylor got married at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA. The Heathman Lodge packages include the venue space, hotel rooms, catering staffed including a bartender, set up and break down and my favorite, an EASY button. Anytime I needed anything from the Heathman from moving tables or a temperature change, to a special meal plate or storing boxes, when I pushed the call-button, they jumped into action very quickly every single time!

One of the personalized DIY details included a clever program “pamphlet” called “So You’re Going To Sit Through Amanda and Taylor’s Wedding. A practical Guide” which included the schedule of events as well as information about the personalized coloring books for the kids, describing the photobooth props they made themselves and reminding guests to sign a leaf on their new family tree canvas (in lieu of a guestbook). The couple really wanted the dance floor to be filled throughout the reception, so, knowing that high heels and rented dress shoes become unbearable, they supplied flip flops in a variety of sizes to anyone in need of ditching their shoes.

Amanda knew exactly what she wanted the décor to look like and was able to find it off of an open Facebook group Everything Wedding Related Vancouver. It just so happened that I worked the wedding where that décor originated from and was able to confirm they would deliver and assemble the custom arch and I knew how to set all the table décor as I had seen it before. It was an incredible cost saving for this young couple and still perfectly fitting for their big day!

The only other vendor they needed was a talented photographer and they just so happened to have a longtime friend that offered to take their engagement photos. They turned out great! Timothy Paul Photography was hired for wedding and reception coverage and his wife was in the bridal party, so he had an insider to help set up these fun and memorable photos.

So whether you’re a complete “do-it-yourselfer” or need assistance finding a venue and wedding vendors to make your wedding day full of special memories, I would love to hear your story and tell you more about how I can take the pressure off of you (or your mom) by making sure your vision is fulfilled but that you can focus on yourself and your finance on your wedding day and simply enjoy the festivities with your family and friends. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s get planning!

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