February 10, 2017

Best Valentine's Day Ever

Did you know you were getting a new piece of jewelry yesterday or was it completely unexpected that you’d be wearing an engagement ring today?

CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!

I’m sure you are already planning envisioning your perfect wedding, what you’ll wear, who will be there, the flavor of your cake and where you’ve dreamt you will Honeymoon, but WAIT! Slow down a minute and read on.

Planning your big event is a step by step process with an important timeline, many small details, endless options to consider as well as including all the people in your life that will be celebrating your wedding with you.

As a certified Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator, I can assist you with creating a budget with a comprehensive timeline and provide guidance on traditions, etiquette and help you through the entire process including coordination of your vendor and guests on your wedding day.

First, tell your family members (they should know before anyone else that wasn’t there when it happened) then tell your friends! Tell them in person if possible or over the phone, but not via text or social media. After your family and close friends know you can change your Facebook status...

The budget and the number of guests will determine where you can hold your ceremony and reception. So we’ll start there.

Although you don’t need to set your wedding date right away, venues, especially popular ones, book very quickly. Discuss with your fiancé the time of year you’d like to get married. In the Pacific Northwest most weddings occur between May and September however, you may find venues rentals are less expensive in the off-season. If you’re not opposed to cooler temperatures or greater chance of rain (or snow as we've seen this winter) then having your wedding in October or March might increase your chances of booking your favorite venue. Then discuss the size of the wedding together and possibly include your parents in this conversation (especially if you’re going to be asking them to help pay for your wedding). Take into consideration family members on both sides, friends, co-workers and who you want in your bridal party.

During this conversation of the number of people you hope to invite, you should also talk about the budget. How much money you plan to spend on the wedding may dictate how large and where your event will be.

The average cost of a wedding in 2016 the greater Portland area and Clark County in 2016 was nearly $32,000 with typical guest count approximately 130 people, but many are budgeted for under $15,000.

A basic budget can be split like so: Venue (reception food & drink) 48%, Photography 10%, Dress/Attire 10%, Flowers 8%, Music/Entertainment 7%, Stationery 3%,  Travel (hotel & transportation) 3%, Ceremony 3%, Rings 2%, Cake 2%, Gifts 2%, 2% padding/misc.. You should definitely think about making a small investment in getting assistance from a planner. If the task of finding a location for all of your guests within your budget is proving daunting, hire a planner sooner rather than later to help you search for the perfect venue.

My consultations are always FREE. I’d love to hear your engagement story and help you coordinate your big day!




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