March 22, 2017

Planning a GRADUATION Celebration

Planning a memorable celebration should include a theme. Think about the school colors or mascot, a hobby or something else very special to the honoree. The theme can be carried throughout the invitations, decorations, food, deserts and entertainment. 
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February 10, 2017

Valentine's Engagements

Did you know you were getting a new piece of jewelry yesterday or was it completely unexpected that you’d be wearing an engagement ring today? 
CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!
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February 6, 2017

FREE Planning Tips from 1000 Stories

If all the information about planning your wedding or event is making your head spin, please contact me! I’d love to help you organize your important day and be there to help coordinate all your vendors so you can be free of added stress and enjoy the party!
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December 26, 2016

You got a RING for Christmas?

What now?! Don’t get overwhelmed. Take a breath and read on. It’s a step by step process, so tackle the tasks one by one and let me help!
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August 15, 2015

Little Monster Baby Shower

I was asked to plan a baby shower for a couple who wanted their unisex party to be free of typical baby shower games, but to be entertaining for the 40 or so guests they would be inviting. The guests ranged from parents and conservative grandparents to hip friends in the entertainment industry. They are also annual pass holders at Disneyland and absolutely love Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. But this baby isn’t a “nightmare”, so our theme was identified as the...
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