About 1000 Stories

The Story of a 1000 Stories

You know how most stories end with “happily ever after”?

For a lot of people, their wedding day commemorates the beginning of their happily ever after. And like any great story, your big day is going to lead to 1000 other stories. Or more. Who’s counting?

I invite you to tell me your story, and together we can write your new beginning. Enjoy the party as your vision comes to life while my experience leads event coordination, overseeing the vendors, and guiding the guests. All while staying within your budget!  

Serving the greater Portland metro area and Clark County (or any destination of your choosing), I offer several options for planning and all of them include complete coordination for your event. Each wedding, party, fundraiser, and celebration is unique like the color orange (more on that later); if you need anything that’s not listed here, I invite you to ask!

And consultations are always free! Reach out! Tell me your story, and let’s get planning…

Behind the Scenes: Melodi (that’s me -- your event planner!) and the lover of Orange!

From the trenches of LA traffic and the robotic grind of a corporate J.O.B. to the open spaces of the Pacific Northwest, I found entrepreneurial freedom in Vancouver, WA. My whole story can be summed up in a single word: “-loving.”

Fun-loving. Dog-loving. Nature-loving. Vegetable-loving. Yoga-loving. Wedding-loving. Photography-loving. Art-loving. Travel-loving. Anything-loving! I love life and live each chapter to the fullest!

Can't forget orange-loving! Orange is my signature color. Why?:

*Nothing rhymes with orange; it’s unique; every event I plan is unique to you.
*Orange, like me, is sunny and cheerful! Just what you need to keep your day going to plan…  
*Because orange is energized and also healthy. Think Little Cuties clementines, butternut squash, and cheddar cheese.
*Orange is bold! I’m in this role 100% as a full-time planner based in downtown Vancouver, WA.

In short, a bright pop of orange to lift you up and be available to you when you need me!

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