About 1000 Stories

1000 Stories

There was a girl who met a boy. She told her friends “I’ve met the one.” They dated and then they decided to get married. We planned a wedding. It was a lovely event! Their ceremony was touching with personally written vows, a special song, a gorgeous ring exchange and a binding kiss. All of the family and friends celebrated! The reception was a huge party. The couple left on their honeymoon to reminisce about their wedding day, relax from all the planning and start their life as husband and wife. The following Monday guests told stories about their weekend. “I went to the most beautiful wedding!” “The food was so delicious!” “The cake was a piece of art!” “I danced the night away.” And one of the bridesmaids told her co-workers “I met someone.” One new story that will lead to a thousand others.

1000 Stories is an Event Planning and Coordination service. I’m not here to take over your vision or try to make it my own. I’m here to help you turn your dreams into reality. I’ll advise you, simplify your options, organize the timeline and help you stay within your budget. I’ll coordinate the event day, overseeing the vendors, guiding the guests and ensuring you can enjoy your party.

Serving the greater Portland metro area and all of Clark County (or the destination of your choosing), I offer several levels of planning (all include my attendance at your event for the entire day). Every wedding, party, fundraiser, celebration is different so it’s hard to bind them into “packages”. I’ve done my best but if you need anything you don’t see listed here, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Collaboration and communication are how I will help you bring your visions to life!

Consultations are always free! Go ahead, contact me! I’d love to hear your story and tell you how I can help you write the next chapter.

About Melodi

To use one word to describe myself, I’d use the verb “-loving”, that’s right dash loving.  I am fun-loving,  dog-loving, nature-loving, vegetable-loving, yoga-loving, wedding-loving, photography-loving, art-loving, travel-loving, basically anything-loving! I love life and living it to the fullest.

I’m from Colorado. After completing college and receiving my B.A. from the University of Colorado (Go, Buffs! Sorry, Ducks.) I moved to Las Vegas for four years before an employment opportunity took me to Los Angeles.

For many years to follow I worked in a corporate, fast-paced environment. I loved it! My job as an accessory and jewelry buyer was both analytical and creative. But after many years of commuting on the freeways of Los Angeles, I felt my creativity draining out of me paralyzing that “-loving” characteristic that describes me and turning me into a machine. I needed a life change with included a change of scenery as well as a change in career.  So I took a big LEAP.

I decided to sell my house and move with my family to the Pacific Northwest. I looked for new corporate jobs with the big retail names in the Portland area but just didn’t love the idea of returning to the same robotic grind of “drive, work, eat, sleep, repeat”. So I took another LEAP.

I’ve been in many weddings, attended many more, worked as an assistant to a wedding photographer and worked photo booths. I’ve also planned celebrations for friends and coordinated Relay For Life events as a Community Manager for the American Cancer Society. I have memories from each of these weddings and events as vivid now as when they occurred and with all the photographs I’ve taken, they are well-illustrated stories that I reminisce about often.

It didn’t take long to decide I wanted to start a wedding and event planning and coordination company. I completed my certification from the New York Institute of Art and Design for wedding and event planning with straight As. I’ve decided to call my company 1000 Stories because every event and wedding starts with a story and ends with many stories being told as memories are stored for future recollection to pass down and cherish.

I would love to hear your story and your dream for your special event! Let’s collaborate on making that vision a reality!



are you curious about the color orange?

Why the color Orange you ponder? Well, because it’s my signature color and let me tell you why.

Nothing rhymes with orange. Orange is unique. Every event and wedding I plan is personalized to be unique to my clients’ wishes.

I like orange because it is bright and cheerful! I’m a happy and positive person.

Orange is healthy. I like Little Cuties clementines, butternut squash and cheddar cheese.

Orange is pretty. Some of my favorite things are orange like sunsets and Monarch butterflies.

My preferred hair color is a bright copper and, with my skin tone, I luckily look good in orange clothes.

Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine. I think of jack-o-lanterns and candy corn, don’t you?

Orange is bold! I’m in this role 100%. I’m a full time Planner working from a professional office. I am here to assist you in making your event as distinctive as the color orange.